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The Canadian Women's FUT-SAL™ National Team #CWFNT made history worldwide for the first time in the history of the sport of Salao Indoor Soccer (Futbol De Salon -FUTSAL®) and they ended up breaking their own records. Team Canada had never progressed through the group stages, never won a world Championship game, neither reached the semi-finales, nor finals, for 39 years.

From today, Canada is ranked number 2 in the world, thanks to the enthusiastic performance displayed by the Women's Team Canada in Colombia. In our last update, Team Canada was playing Catalunya or Spain in the Semi final. The game was decided in penalty kicks after a 2 - 2 draw in normal time and extra time. Canadian goalkeeper, Sarah Van Wart-Bradbury and Keyla Moreno, were the stars of the night who geared up Canada to victory. Sarah saved 2 normal time penalties to keep the match level at 2 - 2 after extra time with Keyla scoring the winning penalty that sent Canadians partying on Saturday night with Kalli Cowles converting the first penalty for Canada. Head Coach N. M. Gabriel had his tactics right in the game to cut off the Spaniards movements from the middle of the court becoming the first and youngest Canadian coach to lead a Canadian Team into a world championship final.

With Colombia winning Venezuela 6 - 0, the most important fixture in the world was between COLOMBIA Vs. CANADA.

For Canadians, this was already a milestone achieved with nothing and the fans were waiting for another historical moment from the women. The Canadian squad had a set back with a very serious injury to key defender K. Castaneda, with a dislocated knee, but the team was ready the defend the 11 point maple leaf. Colombia had the biggest advantage on the night, playing home in a packed stadium of 4,000 plus fans, with all their government officials in the stands including Maria Isabel Urrutia Colombian Minister for Sports, but Canada had the faith in the ladies.

The game started at 6:00 pm EST on Sunday, October 30, 2022, with Colombia getting their first goal in just seconds into the first half. For Canadians watching from home, the Colombian National TV channel that was broadcasting the game crashed. Over 63 million people were watching the final game only broadcast online. This crash lasted for over 15 minutes until when the issue was rectified. Team Canada kept on the resilience and at half time Colombia was only leading the game 2 - 0.

In the second half, Canadians had tight muscles as they were over worked in the first half with solid defender Nicole Carvalho yellow carded before half time. T.D. Gabriel had limited options in defence due to injuries and for Canada, it was the time to settle for runners up or No. 2 in the World. This was a very emotional game for Canada with Colombia showing no weak link. This meant that Futbol De Salon -FUT-SAL® 1st place title wouldn't come to Canada at least in 2022. It will stay in its place of origin (South America), Colombia, who has won the world Championship twice.

Celebrations for the World Champions, Colombia, continue under the Colombian Olympic Committee and their National Sports Ministry handing their team millions for their win against Canada. Here at home we still wait for the Women's entitlement from the government with hope that one day a Canadian media outlet will give the girls a chance to narrate their journey to the FUTSAL® World Cup final. Team Canada spent days in training camps and some athletes leaving their provinces and their homes to come to Ontario for preparations that made Canada number 2 in the world, with the Canadian flag and national anthem being played everyday throughout the event for the first time in 39 years since we started in Canada.

The Canadian squad arrived back to Canada safely on November 1, 2022 with the squad nursing their bruises as they reflect on what an amazing event this was for them and their country. All Canadian on social media, patiently waiting to hear from the Canadian government. Team Canada had all their official practices at Vaughan Sportsplex LTD and the Team was dressed by Kyrios Sport.

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