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The Canadian Women's FUT-SAL™ National Team defeated Chile 6:2 to reach the 2022 WOMEN'S FUTSAL® WORLD CUP semi-finals in Colombia with goals from Kalli Cowles, Emily Porteous, Abby Elliot, Emily Tirabassi and captain Keyla Moreno, scoring twice for The Diamonds".

Canada opened their championship campaign by falling to former world champions, Colombia, in a game that was decided by the world's best player, Shandira Wright Rodriguez.

Canada bounced back in style on game day 2 with a 5:1 win against Uruguay. A result that changed the group standings. Keyla Moreno opened the scoring for Canada with Nicole Carvalho, Abby Elliot and Emily Tirabassi scoring to put the icing on the cake. This left both Uruguay and Australia waiting for their piece of Shandira's performance. Canada only needed to maintain a 5 goal difference to go through to the quarterfinals in second place in Group B and the challenge was left in the hands of Uruguay and Australia to do their math.

Canada FUTSAL™ has built this successful performance using different coaches and clubs across Canada and the nature through which these members go through to produce great athletes to lift the Canadian flag high needs be told by themselves. We just want to enjoy this moment and we hope that the Canadian government will change these conditions and make sure our female athletes receive the appropriate awards for their world class performance. Canada's quarter final game vs. Chile was broadcasted to Canadians live by the Colombian Olympic Committee and FCFS. The first 2 games were broadcasted by Senal Colombia TV. and watched by 12.7 million people around the world. Head Coach N.M. Gabriel will continue to guide Canada today as we play Catalunya Republic of Spain in a highly contested semi-final game today at 15:30 Canadian EST. The game will be broadcasted live on Senal Colombia TV.

CNFA wishes "THE DIAMONDS" #CWFNT the best of luck today and we also congratulate the team for making Canada and Canadians proud. IN PROUD PARTNERSHIP WITH:

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