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Updated: Nov 15, 2021


Canada FUTSAL™ (Salao Indoor Soccer) received the exciting news that Canadian youth athletes and their coaches have been waiting for since the start of the pandemic! The

'U15 FUTSAL® WORLD CUP' has been rescheduled for November 20th to 27th, 2021 in the city of Presidente Franco, one of the oldest Futbol de Salon -FUTSAL® cities in Paraguay. The city is expected to provide the best atmosphere to all countries who are expect to participate during this well anticipated championship.

Due to Covid-19, Indoor Soccer's global governing body Asociacion Mundial De Futbol De Salon -FUTSAL® founded in 1971 formerly (FIFUSA) is expected to confirm the participating countries according to its world rankings, this will give Canadian youth athletes automatic qualification as Canada is ranked no.1 in North America.

The city of Presidente Franco is home to PDTE FRONCO F.S.C the futbol de salon club that won the 50th Campeonato National de Futbol de Salon -FUTSAL® in Paraguay organized by Federacion Praguaya De Futbol De Salon in 2019, the city had parade similar or bigger than that in Toronto 2019.

During the event, Canadians, through different tourism boards from Ontario, will submit the bid for Canada to host 'U20 FUTSAL® WORLD 2022' across cities in Ontario. This event is expected to boost the tourism industry in the province of Ontario and Canada in general with an anticipated number of 100,000 to 500,000 tourists coming in Canada during the event as long as Canada does not experience any further lockdowns due to the pandemic forth wave.

CNFA agreed to select athletes that will be competing at the U20 championship through its new model under the "CANADA FUTSAL™ SCHOOL". This was decided after a survey made by CNFA from volunteers in the public, athletes under the age of 20 and their parents.

The conclusion was that the Identification Camps run for 2 days or less and should be for the senior National Teams only (until when CNFA launch a professional FUTSAL™ league in Canada) ID camps discourage youth if not taking away their full confidence to participate in Indoor Soccer(FUTSAL™) or in sports. Another factor considered while choosing the "CANADA FUTSAL™ SCHOOL" pathway was that many Canadian athletes require more time to show their abilities thus creating a need to spend more time in this kind of a setup across Canada and develop their confidence as the best way towards creating an atmosphere suitable to all Canadians.

The U15 Canadian FUTSAL™ National Team has forced CNFA to create an unprecedented clause allowing all clubs in cities and provinces to conduct its "CANADA FUTSAL™ SCHOOL" to identify the best athletes to avoid unnecessary traveling of athletes which may increase personal contact. The best athletes will be drafted into "CANADA FUTSAL™ SCHOOL" A, B, C, D, E, F, during the "U15 FUTSAL™ TEAM CANADA CHALLENGE " beginning of October to select 70 athletes to join the 10 days training camp with Team Canada Coaches.

CNFA will continue to provide guidelines on every step notwithstanding Covid-19 protocols created by every city and province across Canada all athletes and parents can continue to contact CNFA through our online portals for further information.

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