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June 28, 2022 is a day to remember for both Canada and Colombia when the Canadian National FUT-SAL™(Indoor Soccer) Team C13 won the first international tournament hosted by the Ministry of Sports Meta and Federacion Colombiana De Futbol De Salon.

Team Canada kicked off match day 1 of the tournament with a 5:4 defeat to Colombia Selections. On day 2, Team Canada came stronger with a 2:0 win against Colombia Selections. Finally, on match day 3, Canada recorded a huge victory 9:5 to secure a gold medal game against the Colombians.

The final day of the event did not start well for Team Canada, when Colombia scored in the opening minutes of the game, but Canada had Jonathan Vasquez, Dario Bisceglia, Jahziye JK Loso, Vito Vesnia, Giovani Balmes, Gianluca Simonetta, Matteo Cardenas and others gearing up to give Canadians the long awaited victory Canada has worked hard for since 1983.

At half time Canada was falling 3:1 against Colombia, but a sensational team talk with head coach Elnur Gambarov was enough to give Team Canada the passion and encouragement to get back into the game in a highly contested second half. Jonathan Vasquez was the hero of the night after scoring from 6 yards to give the Canadians victory. National Team Director Mr. Bisceglia saw his stewardship bring home the first championship to Canada from South America.

Jonathan Vasquez

The team inspired young talents to work their way into Indoor Soccer and CNFA has created pathways to Youth National Teams by opening "CANADA FUT-SAL™ SCHOOL" as the grassroots of the sport in 11 provinces and the 3 territories that make us who we are as Canada

and this will reduce commuting distance for many families looking to be a part of futbol de


Gold medal squad; Giovanni Balmes, Giovanni Martinez, Dario Bisceglia, Estevan Cobena, Gianluca Simonetta, Jahziye JK Loso, Jonathan Vasquez, Kenan Hasanov, Matteo Cardenas, Matteo Bisceglia, Mikael Villalta, Kanu Amanze Enoch Onyedinefu, Vito Vesia. Head Coach; Elnur Gambarov, AHC: David Rumack, National Team Director: Tony Bisceglia, Statistic director: Joe Simonetta, President: Johnson Luyiga.

Congratulations Canada.


All rights reserved for Indoor Soccer 5 v 5 played on a hard word court with a heavier smaller ball.

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