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Canadian National FUTSAL™ Team Technical Director, Professor Bernardo Raul Larramendia, is currently on loan to September 29 Futbol De Salon Club playing in the Paraguayan Gold Division De Futbol De Salon under Federacion Paraguaya De Futbol De Salon -F.P.F.S an entity registered in 1964 on N7771 and a founding member of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee.

Prof. Larramendia has been with September 29 FSC, an underdog club in the division, that is now on top of the table with Sportivo Jose Meza FSC after September 29 FSC 8 : 3 win over the weekend for both teams to tie on 5 points at the top of the table. This is an impressive performance by the club and with Covid -19 restrictions easing on Canadian soil, Canadians are excited to welcome Prof. Larramendia home.

Buschman, an 18 year old school boy without a team to practice 3 plus years ago, is now an FC Zurich player in the Swiss Premier Soccer League. This is an unbelievable success story and a remarkable contribution from our member and the partners we trusted to continue the development of the gifted winger considering CNFA's limited resources. CNFA confirmed compensation under:

The CNFA Generosity Development Fund which is a form of extra appreciation to all categories to indoor soccer 5v5 members, as well as recognizing the right to change federations for all amateur athletes and all member associations in Canada and abroad, to keep the quality of all levels of sports engagements and personal equal rights.

Article V (5.01 a,b,c,d) was respected and our members were compensated, CNFA partners who represented player in his remarkable deal went ahead and congratulated CNFA for helping Buschman become one of the youngest Canadian millionaires just a few months after his 18th birthday. We Congratulate everyone involved. We cannot wait to see Buschman represent Canada at every level.

Another exciting athlete in 2018 CNFA ID camps and Team Canada is Khubaib Mahboubullah. His father, Hafiz Mahboubullah, did not wait long after his arrival to Canada to start volunteering in recreational sports in Ontario and his son felt at home with a CNFA member in Brampton, Ontario

Coach Sergio introduced my son to Salao Indoor Soccer the late Daniel Cerros was the CNFA president he felt at home, I was not aware of the smaller heavier ball, I brought my son with a soccer 11 v 11 ball I took a photo of him that day, he was very excited. My son is every discipline he can navigate his own way to practices for him to represent Canada was a dream come true for him and his school announced his success.

Khubaib at his first training. Khubaib (left) representing Canada.

History continue to repeat itself, in Funchal, Madeira, Potugual. The younger Christiano Ronaldo was born in 1985 currently the most followed athlete on internet. Ronaldo started his career with a member of "Federacao Portuguesa De Futebol De Salao", Portugal had won the 1991 IV FUTSAL® World Cup held in Italy. On April 01,1996 a certificate of membership was signed in Lisbon by Vasco Lynoe the president of the Comite Olimpico De Portugal extending the membership of Indoor Soccer with the Portuguese National Olympic Committee and Ronaldo to leave Madeira to Lisbon, Sporting Lisbon SC worked out a similar partnership with the Madeira Club under AMF.

CNFA will be launching men's and women's Professional Leagues to provide local and international opportunities to Canadians. This will be backed by Provincial Youth leagues and other divisions that will be for communities to organize and give proud Canadian athletes, Coaches, sports managers, Sponsors and officials opportunities to showcase their trades.

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