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Prof. Raul Larramendia

Following the news of his appointment as a Technical Director on Monday, we've picked out a few key thoughts from Raul that prove he is up for the job to serve Canadians.

On his coaching philosophy

"It's all about the kids." He believes in creating a culture in sports by providing the youth with skills and techniques within the community. "In 1987, I left Futbol de Salon (FUTSAL) at the age of 17 to join Club Libertad in First Division." (photo on right)

On sharing his knowledge with Canadians

"I believe in creating a strong base through certifying coaches in different areas to help them do what I do." This allows us to have more teams and more competition which gives the youth lots of opportunity to play FUTSAL and to stay out of problems.

On forming a Players National Residency Camp

"At home we find players from school competitions all over the country. We train them and draft them to established clubs and universities I wish to do the same in Canada."

On developing Women's FUTSAL players and coaches

"I have always believed in gender equality and I look forward to coaching where all believe in equal rights for everyone!"

On his love for the job

"I love it! I love working with people, improving players skills, helping them in future decision making. It's more than just playing FUTSAL, it's helping them to improve their life skills.

On his advise to players

"Every day on every training, make sure you learn something."

Comment from CNFA:

We are happy to reach this agreement with Federation Paraguay Futbol de Salon, (FPFS) to give Canada the opportunity to take one of their favourite coaches and to introduce him to Canadians. We are confident he will help Canada and the region create something for the future in our communities.

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